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Perforated Tubing

PerCor Manufacturing offers perforated steel tubing far superior to any other supplier in the industry. While PerCor's spiral welding technique is more challenging, it creates a superior product resulting in following benefits:

  • Production of heavy gauge
  • Virtually unlimited tube lengths
  • Flexibility in creating variety of custom designs and configurations

Though their primary business uses both carbon and stainless steel, they have the capability to use their spiral welding techniques on a variety of metals including: aluminum, coated metals, and special alloys like titanium and Hastelloy®.

Spiral Welding Straight Welding
Diameters from 1/2" to 12"
Thicknesses from .018 to .187
Almost any length
Diameters from 1/2" to 2"
Thicknesses from .030 to .090
Lengths up to 20'
End Margins
Special Finishes Perforation Patterns
Centerless grinding
Sand/bead blasting
Open areas up to 65%
Hole diameters from 0.060 and up
Staggered, diagonal and straight patterns
Custom patterns
Secondary Operations Lockseam
Support Rings
End forming
Special fittings welded to ends
MIG/TIG Welding
Diameters from 1" to 8"
Thicknesses from .010 to .060
Lengths to 60"
4 - Perforating Presses
1 - Spiral Lockseam Machine
4 - Deburring Machines
2 - Lathes
1 - Tube Mill
5-Spiral Tube Winders
3-Cutoff Saws
Milling Machines
2 - Surface Grinders
2 - Centerless Grinders
Specialties Customer Service
Small Quantities Available
Knowledgeable sales staff
Rapid response
Privately owned

For more information, please visit the PerCore Manufactoring web site.

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